London Collaborative


Our mission is to create a network of like-minded professionals in London and collectively create a built environment that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.


The London Collaborative was founded to provide a hub for educational, support, advocacy and networking events.


We aim to grow organically and lay the foundations for a dynamic community. Identify opportunities in the UK built environment and certify Living projects.

Collaborative Facilitators

Alex Galatoulas, Mott Macdonald

Steering Committee

Avgousta Stanitsa, Atkins

Lucas Van Laack, Foster and Partners

Marco Treglia, Elementa


The London Collaborative launched in February, 2017. We host regular meetings where the Petals and Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge are being further investigated in relation to the local built environment. Also, events, forums and panels will be planned to promote regenerative design practices.