Yellow Nile


Sudan, a country that is seriously impacted and endangered by climate change, exponential temperature increase and precipitation decline, does have serious problems in providing comfortable, energy saving, healthy and restorative buildings to adequately accommodate our daily living needs.

The situation does exacerbate with the constant electricity outages, ever increasing energy cost, adding to that the lack of sustainable codes and lack of public awareness of the sheer size of the issue. Droughts and water scarcity and their influence not only on our thermal environment, but it affects our bioclimate and food security. These are terminal issues that require substantive and prompt actions.

We believe that the LBC philosophy provides the required comprehensive roadmap that can holistically address these issues and ameliorate our environment, and buildings, alike. Therefore, at Yellow Nile Collaborative, in Khartoum, Sudan, we took it upon ourselves to pervade the Living Building Challenge concepts among Sudanese urban design and building stakeholders, policy makers and politicians. The public awareness and will are the sole way to make the due change.


Our Vision is to create a proactive, open and inspiring collaborative, where brilliant environmental designers and influencers gather to share their expertise and sponsor providing the best living environments.


Our goal is to carry out the inaugural exercise of establishing Sudanese-based/tuned Living Buildings. This will not only involve translating the advocacy materials into Arabic but also identify the logistic obstacles that would arise when a project is to go through the certification process.
Furthermore, we aim to promote and advertise initiating the first African LBC certified building, and we believe this will be a catalyst for more living projects in Sudan, Africa and the Middle East.